Meiji, Olympus, Nikon- Biological, Stereo Zoom, Clinical, Dual Head, Metallurgical, Gem, Student.

Stereo Zoom NT0850 STZNT0850


Microscope head only, stand does not come with this product.

45° angled head, comes with extra wide field 10x eyepieces, with click stops (detents) at 1x,2x,3x,4x, and 5x. 

· With high quality optical components, providing sharp and striking contrast image and ensure flat image at big depth of field.

· Ease the tiredness with ergonomic design.
· With LED light for both incident and transmitted illumination, providing even illumination and life expectancy can reach 6000 hours.
· Stereo microscope for industrial inspection. Tailored for industrial site inspection.
· With complete eyepieces. Objectives and accessories. it is an ideal instrument for industry assembling, inspection and teaching field.