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Meiji TC-5100 Inverted Biological Micrscope


Our latest inverted microscope line is the cost-effective TC-5000 Series Inverted Biological Microscopes. The TC Series makes routine examining of tissue cultures, microbes and other live specimens in petri dishes and culture bottles fast and easy while delivering an excellent performance-to-cost ratio.

The TC Series is available in brightfield, phase contrast and epi-fluorescence models. The TC5000 Series Microscopes have an integrated front mounted camera port with adapters available for 35mm, CCD/CMOS and other cameras.


  • Binocular Inverted Biological Compound Microscope, with ∞ Infinity Corrected Optical System, F-200MM with 6V 30W Halogen Koehler illumination with quintuple nosepiece and auto voltage sensing power supply.
  • Siedentopf type binocular, inclined at 30°, Interpupillary adjustment 53mm to 75mm graduated diopter on left eyetube (30mm I.D. eyetubes)
  • SWH10X Two Widefield high eyepoint eyepieces, Field No. 22, tube O.D. 30.0 mm
  • Long Working Distance, LWD Planachromat 10X objective ∞/1.0
  • Long Working Distance, LWD Planachromat 20X objective ∞/1.0
  • Condenser, N.A. 0.30, W.D.
  • Plain stage with 180mm(X) x 245mm(Y) plain stage with replaceable glass insert with 45mm opening
  • Glass Stage plate insert for plain stage (Round-109mm diameter, 1.5mm thick with 44.3mm central opening)
  • Cobalt clear filter in mount in 51mm mount
  • Removable AC Electric cord with plug for 115V models 
  • Bulb 6V 30W Halogen (Factory Installed)
  • Fuse 3 Amp (Factory Installed)
  • TC-5000 Meiji Techno Instruction Manual
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty Card 

Product Information: 
   • Manufactured: 100% MADE IN JAPAN
   • Customer Support: 1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based)