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Leica A60 S/F, GRS Versa Stand


Leica A60 S and A60F- Buy through us and you get two years of free microscope preventive maintenance, send it back to us any time within two years of purchase and get your scope serviced twice for free!

Can come with either a boom stand, flex arm, or a GRS Versa stand. Excellent tool for engravers and for microelectronics. Comes with 5600K LED light, intensity control (10 increments) as well as adjustment for both matte and reflective surfaces. Light lifetime: 50,000 hours. 

122 mm working distance, 5X-30X magnification range 13.6mm depth of field, 46mm field of view

Can attach an objective lens will increase working distance while reducing magnification range:

0.75X lens- 130mm (5.1") working distance, magnification range 3.75X-22.5X

0.63X lens- 155mm (6.1") working distance, magnification range 3.15X-18.9X

0.5X lens- 200mm (7.8") working distance, magnification range 2.5X-15X