Meiji, Olympus, Nikon- Biological, Stereo Zoom, Clinical, Dual Head, Metallurgical, Gem, Student.

Dual Gooseneck Illuminator L0002


Key Features:
Powerful 6 Watt cool light LED illuminatior
Providing strong even lighting color temperature: 5500k
23-1/4" (590mm/each) long dual gooseneck lights
Metal Framework Intensity control Box
Wide band voltage (85-265VAC/50-60Hz) power supply
Powerful 6 Watt Variable Intensity LED Illuminator
Great for Discriminating Lighting
Perfect for Evenly Illuminating a Specimen without Heating
5-1/2"x4-3/16"x2-3/4" (140mm x 106mm x 70mm, LxWxH )
3200 Degrees Kelvin Lamp Color Temperature
Durable Metal Construction
Manufactured under ISO 9001 Standards
Excellent One Year Manufacturer Warranty
Shipping Weight: 8 Lbs
One Illuminator Controller
Two LED Goose-Neck Lamp
This is a 6 Watt LED dual light microscope illuminator, with two long LED cable that can be bent into various positions. Light source is a 85-265VAC/50-60Hz unit. The lamps are 3Watt each (6 Watt in total) with fully adjustable intensity. This high intensity cool lighting LED system is excellent for all applications including biological and electronics applications.
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