Meiji, Olympus, Nikon- Biological, Stereo Zoom, Clinical, Dual Head, Metallurgical, Gem, Student.

At Precision Micro Optics we aim to provide our customers with quality microscopes at an excellent price. Precision Micro Optics stands by their products because we know the quality that they are made with. We provide both new and refurbished microscopes that fit your microscopy needs. Our products are manufactured with quality material and precise optics to ensure accuracy for the user. Our products can be mixed and matched to tailor them to your specific needs. With our microscopes the users will gain the ability to view crisp images and become more effective through the workday. 

 Precision Micro Optics offers affordable selections of microscopes and microscope repair within your budget.  Our selections include stereo microscopes, stereo zoom microscopes, dual head microscopes, clinical microscopes, biological microscopes, metallugical microscopes, student microscopes and so much more. We also have a selection of microscope accessories and microscope stands. 

Thank-You for allowing us to serve your microscopy needs.